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About HudsonPrice Data Solutions Limited

HudsonPrice Data Solutions Limited has been registered with the Registrar General’s Department solely for the purpose of credit reporting. We hope to be dedicated to providing high quality, cost efficient and profitable credit reporting services to the Ghanaian community. HudsonPrice Data Solutions Limited is owned by its institutional investor and experienced partner and other like-minded individuals including the current directors.

Established in 2011 as a credit reference bureau, HudsonPrice Data Solutions has transformed to attain a leadership position in credit reporting. The company is a credit reference bureau and financial solutions provider regulated by the Bank of Ghana as a non-banking financial institution. We display an undisputable record of astute professionalism and great commitment to our customers throughout the country.

The company specializes in the provision of quality information on borrowers from financial institutions.

Our range of products constitute a comprehensive web-based application for credit referencing and a state of the industry software to enable financial institutions meet regulatory requirements on credit reporting to the bureau. We are very proficient in virgin data integration techniques and secure implementation technologies. We have extensive development and implementation experiences in addressing the challenges associated with high availability secure data systems and data warehousing.


Quick Loan Check

Quick Loan Check is an online (real-time) application, designed to detect and protect against financial loss to lenders. Quick Loan Check was produced by HudsonPrice Data Solutions Limited in response to a real-world need of credit information for individuals and financial institutions in Ghana. The product is a credit reference platform providing information on the credit history and affordability of all borrowers in the financial sector. Quick Loan Check is proactive software designed to forestall fraudulent activity and over lending by identifying potential fraudsters, late-payers and non-payers by their financial activity. Financial institutions are left vulnerable to fraudulent activities on a daily basis, but with the increased availability of information and the speed at which it can be retrieved using Quick Loan Check such activities will become a thing of the past. Quick Loan Check provides solutions to problems in the financial sector by implementing solutions to distinct problems which have been brought to our attention. It is focused on different sections of the financial sector and will solve all issues as they are brought to the attention of HudsonPrice Data Solutions Limited. Quick Loan Check is a fast and small application that can run on all modern media including smart phones just by typing the address

Features of Quick Loan Check

  • Authoritative validation of identity
  • Retrieval of lost Voter ID’s
  • Access to real time log information of searches across the industry
  • Real-time updates of financial history
  • Access to comprehensive reports

Validation Tool

The validation tool is a tool designed by HudsonPrice data solutions Limited to improve the quality in the credit reporting data submitted to the Credit Reference Bureau by financial institutions. The validation tool is a desktop application that helps financial institutions, who are mandated to send credit reports to the bureaus, to comply with regulations and requirements by the Bank of Ghana. Due to the ever-demanding nature of preparing financial data for bureau submission, HudsonPrice developed a unique tool that allows financial institutions to prepare their monthly credit data with some precision and accuracy. The validation tool has been developed to help financial institutions provide the necessary mandatory fields and also sort and delete unnecessary columns that might have been extracted from the institutions core banking software for the purposes of credit reporting. The Validation tool was designed to help correct and trace errors encountered in the preparation of your credit data. The tool also makes provisions for file extracts in both CSV, Excel and XML formats. The validation tool incorporates the financial institutions supplier reference number upon installation which effectively helps in preparing your final data for upload by changing it into the csv with pipe delimiter format.